How to make a whiteboard animation

Is-whiteboard-animation-for-you1Just like the name suggests, whiteboard animations are animations that have been made to give the impression of text and sketches on a whiteboard. The text and sketches are bundled together with a voice recording of an explanation for the video.

To make one, you’ll need a good digital camera, some whiteboard markers, a good computer, a tripod stand, an eraser and obviously, a whiteboard. Of course, you’ll also need to be a reasonably good artist because all the images are drawn on the whiteboard.

Basically, the process involves drawing and taking photographs of the drawings on a whiteboard animation. The trick is taking as many photographs as possible so as to ensure that the video is as seamless as possible. A good example is drawing a bouncing ball. The good thing about making these videos is the fact that you hold the eraser and you are in control of what you erase.

whiteboard-animation-thumbWhen drawing a ball bouncing on the floor, all you have to do is to draw a straight line to represent the floor. After taking a snapshot of the floor without the ball, you can go ahead and draw a ball some distance above the floor. Take a snapshot of the floor with the ball then erase it and draw a second one closer to the floor. Take a snapshot of the second ball and draw a third one even more closer to the ground. You can draw more balls between the first one and the last one that will be on the floor, each time erasing the previous ball. The larger the number of balls between the first ball and the floor, the better the video. Make sure that you take a photo after every change that you make on the original drawing.

After you have all photos, the next step is importing them to the computer and using a tool like the Windows Movie Maker to join them into a video and to add sound.

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