How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

In recent times, hair drug tests have become a more popular method of drug testing compared to more traditional options like urine and blood testing. Over time, the latter has become easier to beat, and in most instances only offer results for more recent drug use. Hair drug testing is different. Not only are these tests harder to beat, but they also offer a longer history of drug use.

Typically your hair grows about 3.8cm every 90 days. That means that every strand on your head offers your history of drug use over the same period of time. The longer the hair, the more it tells about your past with drugs.

How it works

Come to think of it; hair drug testing is quite efficient making it even harder to beat. Before you learn how to beat a hair drug test, you need to know how the chemical deposits work their way to the hair. After you consume a drug, the chemicals that make you high (active chemicals) work their way around the body. Once they have been metabolized, traces of these accumulate in the hair follicles (this is the growth pocket of hair). As your strand of hair grows, the follicle in which it grows deposits the chemicals in the hair. Just like that, your hair can tell what went through your veins.

How to pass a hair drug test

There are quite a number of ways that you can beat a hair drug test, but first, you have to know what chemicals the tester will be looking for. You also have to consider the amount of time you have until the test is done. To increase your chances of beating a hair drug, you need about 5-7 days before the day of testing.

Shave off!

This might not be what you were thinking of but if it works, why not try it? It is the easiest and perhaps the most successful trick in the ‘how to pass a hair drug test’ handbook. It is relatively easy and straight forward. All you have to do is shave off all the hair on your body. This is best done at least five days before the test day. It allows you to grow some fresh hair that does not have a tainted history. Ideally, hair drug tests are not good in testing more recent drug use which is what makes this …