Tips for Making Your e-Juice for Your e-Cig

Tips for Making Your e-Juice for Your e-Cig

Vaping is a fun no-frills activity that can also get exciting when you decide to make your e-juice. Imagine the possibilities of creating your flavors, having sufficient stock to vape, and enticing your friends with personal creation. It might also be a preferable way to hone your skills before entering the business as a customer e-liquid producer.

However, you must go through the basics of making e-juice so that the outcome of your work is tolerable and finally attractive. You need to follow instructions, use the right ingredients, and have sufficient time since being in a rush will increase your chances of making mistakes.

Understand What You Need

The job requires you to mix four main elements that will produce the juice. Thus, you must have a way to get PG, nicotine, VG, and the flavor. The flavor might not be critical to the learning phase since it only adds to the final experience of vaping. The other three ingredients are critical since they determine whether you are vaping or consuming subpar material.

You will also need the mixing equipment and a measuring tool in addition to the substances that make up the juice. A scale, meaning bottles, a dropper, syringes, storage bottle, labels and the bottles for keeping your e-juice is necessary.

Find a Trusted Supplier

You should get your Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavor concentrates, and nicotine from reliable suppliers. You might be interested in getting bulk suppliers of nicotine from for your future DIY job of making e-Juice.

Find Safety Equipment and Clothing

Although the substances are not very dangerous, you still need to use gloves, goggles, and protective clothing to avoid spilling them on yourself. You also need to protect your regular clothing and your work area from harm that the substances can cause.

Find a Guide

There are numerous guides on making e-juices and finding the one that has straightforward instructions would be the best for a beginner. The guide should have illustrations to help you follow through. The addition of examples is also excellent.

Video guides are excellent, but you need to get a written version to read to get a full idea of what the job entails. Guides tell you how to measure and what to measure. They should apply to the VG, PG, and nicotine mixture so that they are appropriate for your project.

Label Each Step and Mixture…