Why Cute Animals On Video Are So Popular

omg-funny-animals-dog-1What is it about cute animals that is so attractive to so many people?

There is no denying that most people cannot resist the appeal of cute and funny animals, whether it be in pictures, video clips or indeed the real thing.

In fact, there is nothing new about this. Cute animals have always featured on birthday cards, wrapping paper, inspirational posters and chocolate boxes.

It is the arrival of the internet though, and especially YouTube, that has actually facilitated an explosion in charming animals videos’ appeal. There is something extremely attractive about the immediacy of having the ability to get a video of an adorable animal preferably doing something amusing, like dropping off to sleep and then falling off whatever furniture piece they happen to be lying on!

If you take a look at which amusing video clips have received the most hits on YouTube, then you will find an usual style running through them. What makes them funny is when we can recognize something of our own humankind in their behavior. This can be due to the fact that they are possibly displaying such human characteristics as foolishness, cleverness, playfulness, cunning, love, even humiliation. There is no documented evidence that animals have the exact same inspirations and feelings as us, however it is definitely appealing and heart-warming to believe that this holds true.

As an example, anyone who has seen the sea otters in Vancouver Aquarium napping and holding hands as they float on their backs in their swimming pool can not fail to think that their behavior is sweet. Nevertheless, the idea that their togetherness is coincidental is entirely resolved when, having wandered apart, among them steers his means back to the other and takes hold of her hand once more. What was at first sweet behavior from these cutest animals ends up being favorably bewitching. Practically human.

Very-Funny-And-Creative-Ads-Using-Animals-19There are numerous amusing video clips of other otters doing exactly what otters do so well – playing and socializing with each other. At zoos, you can see individuals enjoying with delight and in amazement as these adorable critters frolic and play with each other, while chirping and screeching. Then, there is constantly one otter which has to begin playing with a pebble, tossing it up in the air, stabilizing it on its tummy and bring it under among its front legs. These animals are just like youngsters requiring attention, crying for food and playing together.

You might likewise have seen the video of the moonwalking bird taken at a wildlife center in the UK. This clever flamingo seems that have found a distinct means to help him stir up the mud in its swimming pool to facilitate his feeding. The genius of this amusing bird is that he appears like he is doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk! He leaves the other flamingoes standing as he glides in reverse in the water.

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