Safe Green Products For Your Garage and Home

001_housewares_introAccording to some recent studies, the garage is considered the most dangerous room in a house.

And this is primarily because of the items and products in the garage that can potentially put your life at risk. Contrary to what others believe that these products are harmless, the items included in the list have dangerous substances not only for humans but for the environment as well.

To name a few, the products and items consisted of in the list are: all function cleaners, antifreeze, arsenic, automatic transmission fluid, vehicle wax, carburetor cleaner, engine degreaser, fertilizer, glass and window cleaner, bug spray, kerosene and diesel fuel, paint products, photography chemicals, plastics, smoke detector and solvents. One reason why these items are thought about as dangerous is the unsafe elements comprising those items. Let’s start with the cleaners that include aluminum cleaner, carburetor cleaner, glass and window cleaner and septic system cleaner.

Cleaners in basic are mixes of detergents, grease cutting agents, disinfectants and solvents. These combinations and ingredients could vary from item to item however what is common is the damage that they can cause. Among the symptoms are irritability of the skin and mucous membranes and extreme damage of internal organs particularly when absorbed with the skin. The ethylene glycol in the ordinary antifreeze is also a poisonous substance especially when consumed.

Nice_Home_ProductsThe victim may go during particular levels of depression followed by cardiac and respiratory failure along with kidney and mental retardation. According to veterinary records, thousands of dogs and felines are poisoned each year due to leaking or disposed of antifreeze. This is since of its sweet taste that animals like. On the other hand, solvents are made use of to dissolve other compounds; these are also dangerous considering that they are highly hazardous, combustible and high-risk especially when breathed in or soaked up through the skin. Some symptom might be discovered right away while others could take time such as liver and kidney problems. There are green options particularly solvents that don’t hurt you your household or the environment.

Thinking about those hazardous results, does it suggest that we need to discover to live without those products? Not at all as there are safe options around such as Eco-friendly natural cleaning items and non-toxic cleaners. It’s an excellent choice if you choose more secure home products not only for your life and wellness but likewise for your household your house and our environment also.

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